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From Australia to Canada’s Rocky Mountains and West Coast

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Second Annual Beer Week YYC Participants

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Join Shokunin for the Second Annual Beer Week YYC

This ain’t your average beer festival. Calgary Beer Week was built by the community, for the community.

From Monday, June 4 – Sunday, June 10 Shokunin will be serving:

One piece chicken thigh and one piece chicken heart paired with Okami Kasu – $15 (donation proceeds will go towards Care West’s Close to Home program)

This beers name is derived from the Japanese word OKAMI for wolf and KASU for the sake lees that provide its distinct flavour.

This Japanese inspired brew is named after a lone wolf as it embodies the spirit of this beer. The fist to utilize Canadian grown rice in combination with Alberta Barley Okami Kasu goes a step further by adding Canadian Sake Kasu as a finishing agent for the beer.

This definitive recipe was developed by Shokunin’s Chef Darren MacLean in collaboration with Ole Beautiful Brewing Co. is distinguished by being easy to drink and wonderfully complex at the same time with light floral notes, citrus acidity and a slightly sweet finish reminiscent of the sweet sakes of Japan.

For the last two year’s this beer has been forging a new path and exploring the limits of brewing. In spirit were not unlike the Okami himself.