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Okami Kasu in a Can!

Beer Brand Collaboration with Ol’ Beautiful


Did you know the world-first formula of beer infused with sake kasu — Okami Kasu — was the brainchild of Calgary Chef and Restaurateur Darren MacLean when seeking the perfect beer pairing with his acclaimed Japanese cuisine served at his restaurant Shokunin Izakaya?

The crew at Ol’ Beautiful answered the call, produced the beer in 2017 and a throng of loyalists started to rally behind the unique brew featuring a special ingredient — sake kasu – from the mash or grains of sake production. Until now the beer was only available at Shokunin Izakaya and Ol’ Beautiful in limited quantities.

“We are excited to announce that Okami Kasu now comes in a can for enjoyment at home,” says MacLean.“ As of today, 10 liquor stores in Calgary have become stockists and more retail outlets will be featuring this unique, all-Canadian beer on their shelves throughout the province in the weeks ahead. It’s the perfect pairing for Japanese food.”

Okami Kasu is a clean, crisp, filtered beer that lands a step above Asian-style lager for its full-bodied, subtle, creamy finish which goes well with Japanese cuisine.

“We are huge fans of Darren’s food,” says Ol’ Beautiful sales and marketing head Chris Carroll. “So to collaborate on this initiative in his restaurant was one thing…to take it a step further is something else! People know this brew is unique. What they may not know is what makes it so special. Its large portion of rice gives it a unique, silky mouth-feel.”

The most noteworthy part of this Canadian made beer is the inclusion of sake kasu, the rice leftover from sake production, which contributes a boozy, creamy, uptown funk to the beer’s finish.

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